Ferrari F355 HVAC Panel Overlay

Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions_Ferrari_355_HVAC-2

Is your HVAC Panel Sticky and Bubbling? If so, Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions has the perfect fix! We are pleased to announce our new Factory Correct HVAC Panel Overlay.

For many years the only option on the market was another overlay by a different manufacture. While it was decent, it’s just not factory correct. We have gone through great effort to match the factory graphics, fonts and line widths when creating this new overlay. The overlay is thicker than the factory material which will prevent bubbling over time.

The overlay may be purchased stand alone for the DIY folks that wish to repair their own HVAC panel or you may send your panel to us for repair which includes refinishing of the dials and dial indicators.

Unlike other suppliers, when we refinish the dials – the white indicator lines will illuminate at night as the OEM did. Others paint over these white indicators and apply a white decal after blocking any illumination.

Fahrenheit and Celsius versions are available.

Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions_Ferrari_355_HVAC_OEM-Before
Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions_Ferrari_355_HVAC_Overlay
Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions_Ferrari_355_HVAC_Overlay_By Others