Do you provide refinishing services to individuals or only dealers and independent repair shops?

We treat all customers alike and are happy to provide our services for the DIY enthusiasts and car owners along with dealers and independent service centers.

What is the cost of your refinishing services?

The cost of our refinishing services varies per model of car and particular component. Please contact us for pricing and let us know for what make and model of car you are looking to have parts refinished. Our prices are a fraction of the cost of new components and competitive within the industry – often lower cost than others.

Do you provide refinishing services worldwide and ship internationally?

Yes, we provide refinishing services to the entire world. International shipping is exempt from promotional shipping rates within the continental US so please contact us for shipping costs.

What is the process I go about to have you refinish my parts?

  1. Contact us for pricing: Let us know what make and model that you wish to refinish parts for
  2. You (or a shop of your choice) remove the sticky components from the car
  3. Carefully package the parts per our customer packaging guidelines
  4. Please complete an order form and include within your box
  5. Ship the parts to our facility. You may ship with any carrier that is best suited for you such as UPS, FedEx, or US Postal Service

We request that you ship parts as sub-assemblies – do not disassemble these – we do that here as it requires special skills and tools. We are here to help so always feel free to contact us.

Do you refinish my parts or do you send me prefinished parts and use mine as a core exchange?

As a standard policy, we refinish your parts that you ship to us. We would never take your parts in as a core and send you other parts without your knowledge and permission. In an effort to offer our customers an option for quick turn around, we will be offering a core exchange service as we procure more spare parts. You, the customer, will have the choice of which method works best for you.

What is the turn around time for your services?

Processing time is very difficult to estimate and can vary greatly based on many variables, as follows:

Orders are proceeded on a first come, first served basis. Turn around time is based on the amount of backlog in the shop when your parts are received, as well as, the quantity of parts in your order. Generally, turn around is 2-5 weeks (processing time) prior to return shipping. However, we receive orders daily and most are without prior notice. We are doing business all over the globe for dealers, independent service centers and individuals. We have a limited capacity and while we are working to increase our capacity, it is impossible to know in advance what our workload will be when your parts arrive. Please understand that our main objective is quality and we won’t rush and sacrifice quality to ship parts quicker. We do understand that you want your parts back as soon as possible and we make every effort to turn parts around as quickly as possible. We do not offer expediting for a fee as we feel that would be unfair to other customers. We also do not hold time slots open as managing that activity would be equally as difficult.

Within a few days of your parts arriving, we enter the order into our system and email you a Sales Order Confirmation with an estimated completion date. Please understand, quality takes time and we know you want your parts done correctly and for good. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you use the same soft-touch coating as applied by the OEM?

No, our finish is not a soft touch coating, it is a hard touch coating. At this time, we only offer a hard touch coating. Our finish is a custom, proprietary formulation made specifically for Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions. It’s an extremely durable coating that provides excellent adhesion and great mar resistance. The coating has been formulated to lay very flat (minimal, to no texture) and has the sheen level to match the OEM soft touch coating as close as possible providing the most OEM equivalent solution on the market today. Our coating is sprayed through an HVLP gun – it is not an aerosol (rattle can) product.

Some of my parts have graphics on them, how do you handle reproduction of these?

At Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions, we strive to provide the most factory correct refinishing options on the market. Unlike competitors, we do not use decals for graphics that can peel off or be applied in the wrong location and skewed. We provide permanent graphics using laser marking technologies we developed. Our state-of-the art laser provides graphics that are crisp and permanent to match the OEM as close as possible, in most cases better than the silk screen process used by the OEM.

What if my parts are damaged?

As part of our normal services, we repair minor damage on parts. It’s at our discretion what we deem “minor damage”. If the damage is beyond minor, we will contact you with repair or replacement options before proceeding. Repairs beyond minor are subject to additional cost for the labor involved.

I have a damaged or lost part and I need a replacement, can you help?

Yes, we have some spare parts and are acquiring more. If we don’t have what you need, we have a network of resources to help you find a used replacement part or even a new part. Please note: Many of the parts are NLA (no longer available) from the manufacture and sometimes finding replacements will take time.

I've already removed the OEM coating and I would just like my parts refinished, is there a discount?

While we understand that some folks have already removed the OEM coating or it’s just been cleaned off over the years, our preparation process is more involved than simple part cleaning. Generally, when customers think the coating is removed, it’s not entirely. That said, our prices are based on the full service and therefore the pricing is the same.

For which automotive manufactures and models do you provide refinishing services?

We refinish interior components of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and other exotic and luxury brands. If you don’t see a particular manufacture or model listed, please contact us. All sticky parts are alike. If we have not refinished the particular part prior – no worries, it’s the same process for all parts. However, if the part has graphics, we may need a few extra days to re create the art work to apply the graphics. Once we do this the first time, it’s saved to our library for future use.

Will you sell coating materials so I may refinish my own parts?

We do not sell coatings only. The coating we use is proprietary and specially formulated for Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions. We only offer the full turnkey service of refinishing your parts.